Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'd like to request a do-over please?

Seriously? A do-over...for this past day/week/month? The other day I was driving home, and I was thinking about how great it was to be a young adult, living at home, with few responsibilities. Man I used to hate drying the dishes and peeling the potatoes. Potatoes ... AGAIN?

But seriously - peel potatoes, dust & vacuum, and dry dishes and shut your stinking pie-hole, you complaining teen. Just wait...see how life will be once you hit adulthood. Wait till you have a child who depends on you. Wait till that child breaks your heart multiple times, and yet - they still depend on you, and somewhere deep down, I'm sure they still love and admire you?

Some days are just harder than others. Some days I think about going back to bed. This was one of those days. As it turns out, maybe it would've been for the best? I'm the one that many come to with their problems and concerns. I love being that for them. But when I get down, I don't know who I can go to. There are a few people, but I mostly just want to hole up within myself, in my home, and be left alone. I don't want to DO anything for ANYONE.

I just want a break. Please.

Sorry for the moody, melancholy, sad post. Spring needs to hurry.


Kelly said...

(((HUGS))) I am here if you need a shoulder.

heatherlhascall said...

I am sorry, love! I hate to sound cliche', but things can only go up from here. I love you lots and I am here if you need anything!