Monday, September 27, 2010


I suck at life. Or maybe more often than sometimes but most definitely lately. Sucking. At. Life.

God bless.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Things kids say........

We went to a "make and take" last night...cute cards and ideas and owls! Love the owls! But I digress....

And so...the other night, I sent Peanut to get ready for bed in her bathroom, and I was getting ready for mine. As per the usual kiddo-ness, I had a 10 year old outside of my bathroom door soon after, talking through the door. The following conversation took place through that door:

Peanut: Mom, you should check me for scoliosis.
Me: Oh yeah, why is that?
Peanut: Because anyone can get it, it's not just heritage.

Moments later......

Peanut: I need to write a will.
Me: Why is that?
Peanut: Because you can go at any time. I think I will leave you my room. I'll leave Emilee one silly band, Camille the rest because she didn't try to get my boyfriend to cheat on me. You can also have my money. I have $300. And two cents. I'm a rich ten year old.

And very often we think little people don't pay attention, but they do, and that's not just heritage....