Thursday, August 9, 2012

I like you.

So it's funny. I have said for a while that my guy is one of my favorite people and I really like him. Some friends wonder why I haven't uttered those words yet. We have both been married before, for a good amount of time. After my divorce, I dated a few people for a while, although six months was the max. Each guy was a tool in their own right. One rushed to utter those words which quite honestly freaked me out. I decided I'd take a year off from dating to find me. (I made it 6 months)...

Fast forward to one of my most favorite people. He was very recently divorced when we went out for the first time. In my mind, I could easily be the rebound (and I guess I still could). He could choose to go back to his ex-wife (although I highly doubt that now). And now we have dated for a year and a half - solid. And he's one of my most favorite people. For real. And I like him. Which goes back to that question... why haven't you said those words? We're content with it the way it is. I like being happy. I like liking him. 

One of my two followers sent me a link a few minutes ago that made me all teary at the end (you have been warned!). The best part was knowing I was not completely alone in liking someone :)

Watch here :)

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Kelly said...

I knew you would appreciate it!