Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I think I forgot

to mention a few other things that I remembered as I read through my post...

Actually I know I forgot, although I'm not sure how exactly...

#1 -- I decided to go back to school finally. I found the one online program that offered a BA in Anthropology (I know...I'm weird.)

#2 -- I found out how different people handle grieving. 2 years ago when we lost my grandma, my family was amazing. There was NEVER one ounce of backbiting or meanness. Not once. I love that about my family. Fast forward almost 2 years stepdad passed away. What a mix of emotions for me. Things I won't even go into because after all, if you are following this or reading, you're certainly not paid enough to be my therapist. But wow were his daughters amazing in a not so great way. The way they have treated my mother and me...what a huge disappointment and an eye opener.

So 2 big things from the lapse in blogging...that should have been included and weren't. Mea culpa.

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