Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta love propaganda.......

and so tonight Peanut has finally seen the images she's been begging to see for days. Bed Bugs......and Mites. God only knows why...but she's wanted to see them. And so...I googled.

That led to a discussion on how old her mattress is, and how after 8 years we need to replace (thank you TV and Radio). And say the darndest things right? Like...

"I want a tempurpedic"

*I laughed* (snorted, smirked, HA'd uber loud)

"I'm serious mom, I have back problems. That's why I sleep on the floor at my dad's"

"Then your DAD can buy you a tempurpedic mattress for HIS house..." (nicely of course)

"He doesn't have any money."

"and you think I do?"

"You have more than him right?""well let's see, I'm one person paying all the bills here, your dad is married with two incomes"

shut......down. Sigh.......and stuff.

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